Mad as hell

I just figured it out this morning; all the yelling, the shouting and screaming that have been going on in the "town hall" meetings over the proposed and so called "healthcare reform bill."

If you look at most of the shouters, you'll note that they are mostly age 45 and above, mostly above.

This got me to thinking: these are not the sort of people who just have meltdowns and scream and rant like most left wing libbys are wont to do at the drop of a hat.

No, these folks are more likely to write letters, send emails, make phone calls or try to get appointments to see their local elected official face to face. But here they are, showing off tonsils and dental work, one vast yawning sea of open mouthed rage.

And then it hit me! It is precisely because of the letters dumped unopened into the trash, the emails deleted, the phone calls hung up on and the appointments that never happened that has caused Joe Sixpack to unleash and go vocal to the extreme at these meetings. They're doing what the left has done for years, throwing a hissy fit to get immediate attention. Sort of the squeaky wheel getting greased school of political activism.

But unlike the left who, like any spoiled child, eventually gets what they demand, these people, these average, law abiding, taxpaying citizens are becoming demonized for their efforts. They're being called "un-American" and "racists". They stand accused of carrying "swastikas" and other signage of the nazi regime into meetings.

We the people have become we, THE MOB that, per dear leader, must "shut up!" and "get out of the way!"

Of course at today's "O"-bot town hall, one citizen had the nerve to actually carry a gun, an utterly legal thing to do in that state, as was his right to carry his sign stating that the tree of liberty needed watering from time to time. This little display of free speech and the right to bear arms nearly caused a mass electrocution over at MSNBC where some commentators nearly wet their pants and the surrounding power cables in concern.

I should also note that this citizen was kept outside with the rest of the angry mob. Only those with adoring and worshipping gazes and reverent tones around dear leader where allowed inside to be in his most august presence.

As a poster over at a certain site posted:

"This is a trillion dollar infomercial for Obama and his death squad."

Couldn't have put it better myself.

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