September Song

I think that the Jews have the right idea in celebrating the new year in the early fall.

September marks the end of so many things and by its ending, there marks a beginning.

September marks the end of the growing season, yet it is the beginning of the resting season for the earth. September's cool breezes mark the end of windows being left open all night but the beginning of quilts being taken from cedar chests and placed on beds.

It's also the beginning of school, of Wednesday night choir practices and theatre seasons and the end of just lazily doing whatever you felt like doing on lanquid summer evenings.

And in my family, September has marked the end and beginning of life.

Four members of my family have departed this life in the month of shortened evenings and lengthening shadows. For these holy dead, life has both ended and begun anew in the presence of the Lord.

For those left behind, life has also stopped in its tracks and a new life begins; a life to be learned to live without them in it.

September; Omega and Alpha. This week marks so much to remember...

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