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Oral Roberts shown here attempting to heal my late sister, Audrey, passed away this afternoon.

I have always found this photo to be a haunting study of human emmotion. We have my Dad crying in anguish over Audrey. We have Oral straining in the spirit to move a miracle over Audrey and then we have little Miss Audrey, smiling, laughing as if not a bit of this matters.
The nice man is praying, Daddy is crying but it's as if she already knows that it will all be for naught. She is who she is and this is the way it was meant to be. So rejoice in the life that is left!

No, Audrey did not walk out of that service on her own, nor did she up and talk and come back to the way she had been prior to the polio shot that ruined her.

But she did start to eat again with gusto.

This healing of the appetite was something that Oral was able to knock out of the ball park on a pretty regular basis. Past recipients of Oral's prayers have reported that while they still could not walk or see or hear, they could, at least, polish off a buffet of food in short order and come back roarin' for more.

Anyway, he's dead, Jim. He of the visions of 800 foot tall Jesuses is now passed on to the big Sunday Dinner Buffet in the sky.

Made his soul be blessed and may he be in paradise. He did try after all to make the world a better place as is evidenced by the photo

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