The riftraft of LA were given a golden chance to show the world just how scummy they can be and they passed it UP!!

I am impressed. Either due to the positive influence of the late Wacko Jacko or by the martial law style presence of 5 cops on every corner, the riots that many were predicting or even hoping for, (over on GLP posters were counting on full scale implosion), did NOT happen!

Meanwhile, aside from the pompass windbags that are sharpton and shelia jackson lee, the service was lovely and impressive.

Only trouble is; the story does not yet have a true ending as the casket is not be taken back to the Disney Land of Death for dispo. In fact, no one knows where the casket and its cargo are being held but Jacko will not join Mother Earth tonight.

Rumors are online saying that the family is holding out for his brain to be returned by LA Coroner.

Does he or doesn't he have his brain? Only his mortician knows for sure!

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