The Crazy Town Choo-Choo is heading our way!

Per just about every media outlet I follow, Jacko's hot mess of a funeral is now going to be in LA set for Tuesday, July 7 at 10AM in the Staples Center.
LAPD has even started closing down streets around that famous pile of cement, (as if driving in downtown LA wasn't frustrating enough!)

You know, it was one thing when it was believed that Jacko's send off would be at the infamous Neverland Ranch in the Santa Barbara area. It was one thing to watch the considerable discomfort of the locals as they looked aghast from over the rims of their glasses at the growing frenzied flocks of Jackson fans and media clogging up their local roads.

But now the Crazy Town Choo-Choo has changed tracks and is chugging its way into downtown LA where we, the legal American citizen tax payer, will be expected to foot the bill for the extra cop power and man power and all the other powers that will be needed to pull off this fuckery of a funeral.

One of the chattering bubble heads on KTLA was pontificating on how the money is already there, already budgeted for emergency use of LAPD and the county sheriff's resources. Fine and dandy only, emergency money should be used for an EMERGENCY like a 8 point and above EQ or a full scale riot which by the way we are likely to see once the state starts issuing IOU's to the locals on welfare.

It should not be used for the protection of spoiled celebs that will show up crying their crocodile tears over Michael Jackson.
Protection will be needed and should be fronted for the businesses that have the misfortune to be around the Staples Center. No, not from the Jackson fans; they'll be too busy tearing at their clothes and pouring ashes over their heads in grief. The Jackson fans, while somewhat odd, are for the most part, very respectful of others and as polite as their idol was said to be.

You see, the Crazy Town Choo-Choo will be pulling into a station that borders a REAL crazy town, a loco place known as East LA. Populated with males sporting shaved heads and numerous tattoos featuring the number 13, the locals are sure to turn up if only for a chance to have another go 'round with LAPD. If they can set a few fires, break some windows, rock some cars and tip over KFI's news van, so much the better!

Perhaps the family should just opt for a tasteful yet original service that's just as "unique as YOU are!" that Forest Lawn, aka the Disney Land of Death, is famous for.
(Check out the movie, "The Loved One")

On second thought, a mob scene that involves law enforcement , riled up fans and frothing at the mouth media types is the sort of unique service that pretty much sums up Jackson's life in later years.

I, an LA taxpayer, just don't want to pay for it.

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