Come Saturday Morning...

...I'm going to the local Salvation Army
to see if they have any more 36 inch Shirley Temple Playpal dolls
in their original dresses for half off the asking price like they did
last Dec. only someone got there before me and snagged her.

And, no, they didn't have any more.


Infact the whole place was pretty well picked clean by the time we got there. You see, the last Saturday of the month, that SA store cleans out their whole stock by offering everything in the store at half off. We once got a bee-u-tee-full deep purple sectional there for only $100.00.

It was clean and in very good shape, matched our existing couch and marked the beginning of our being able to entertain more than one or two people at a time. Prior to that, we all had to sit on the couch in a row or on the floor; your pick.

So now we have a conversation "area" centered around the coffee table. Very swank.

Well we watched "Ghost Adventures" last night.

It was "ok". Zack didn't run around screaming like he used to. In the first season, so much as a moth would flutter by and Zack would leap in the air 3 feet, and run screaming down the halls like a girl all the while shouting,


Speaking of moths, most of the "orbs" that get captured on their night vision cameras are in fact moths.

"Our camera captured this image of an orb following us" Zack will intone in voice over and from the purple couch my husband will yell;

"It's a MOTH, stupid!"

I feel sorry for the ghosts that encounter Zack. In addition to having very bad hair,

he has a very abrasive attitude towards the departed in which he'll bark out commands for them to "show themselves!"

"Make a sound if you can hear me!"

"Make that picture come off the wall!"

"Make that light go and off!"

No one likes being barked at, not even a dead person so of course, they ignore him all the while likely giving him a ghostly finger.

The spirits however do like Aaron.

Paitent, long suffering Aaron, always so polite, so sympathic to the passed over.

"I'm sorry you had to die," he'll tell them, "I'm sorry you were stabbed, strangled, decapitated," or, as in the episode in a truly hellish prison, raped to death by other imates in the shower,

"I'm sorry you had to die like that!"

The spirits appreciate respect and so they reward Aaron with all kinds of strange sounds, knocks, bumps and harshly whispered salutations such as

"Get out!"

"I kill you!"


that turn up on his MP3 recorder. This may be directed towards Zack who I think is a little jealous of Aaron. This may explain why he's always such a jerk towards him. Poor Aaron will start to say something and Zack will hold up his hand and yell,


Zack will stand there poised for flight, eyes all wild, claiming that he heard something. Now, for all he knows maybe Aaron is trying to be helpful by warning him about something.

Aaron: "Hey, Zack!"

Zack: (holds hand up in dismisive nature towards Aaron)


Aaron: "But, Zack..."

Zack, (flails arms about wildly) 'SHHHHHHH!!!"

Aaron: "Dude, your hair, it's ON FIRE!"

Zack: (flails whole body about wildly)


camera shows Zack tearing off down the hall. Camera pans back over to Aaron who looks at camera and shakes his head.

The website for the show announces that on 10/30 they will be doing a 7 hour lockdown in a horrible old state mental looney bin, the kind that makes "Cuckoos Nest" look like a day at Preschool. One can access it on the web.

7 straight hours of Zack screaming and Aaron shaking his head and getting attacked by ghosts.

Can't wait!

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