I don't actually have anything to rant about just now...I'm just going along here, trying to figure this out, see if it works and all.

Took all of 15 minutes to come up with the name. You see, I wanted a cool name, one that stood out. Some of my favorite blogs like "Thorn in a Pew" or "The Crescat" or "Ask Sister MaryMartha" (life is tough, nuns are tougher), have such unique and interesting titles for their little virtual world.

However, I figured that Google may not allow some of my ...some of my....ok now I DO have something to rant about; I wanted the pic of the globe down after the word, "world". I can't even get it to delete! WTH??

Ok, went to delete the pic and now the whole POST is gone! What the????

AHA! I see how this works now....let me add that globe back in....ok that worked. Anyway, I figured such snappy catch titles like "Bitch in a Box" or even my old nickname of "Bagpipe Bitch" would not be welcomed. I mean my family might one day read this hot mess and the last thing I need is disapproving looks via email.
(Or even Sister MaryMartha might venture on here! One shouldn't piss off nuns!)
Alright, let's post this puppy and see how it looks!

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