Well, Heck!

THAT was easy! Very easy!

Oh, what JOY! DH, (Dear Husband), will be so pleased...it's not like I'm online most of the time as it is...now I can be on even more. He'll be thrilled!


So....so....ah. Hmmm....can't think of a thing to say now that I have the floor all to myself...

Jacko is room temp! Oh, you all knew that, huh?

What's the little video thingy do up in the toolbar? Let's check that out....

Ok, let's try it again...

Well, it's doing something....damn this is sloooowww tonight. Anyone else with slow internet tonight?

If I had known it would take this long....

Still waiting....it's gonna be time to go soon. "Ghost Adventures" starts soon. We love that show if only to see two things:

1) how bad Zack's hair looks

2) to see how high he'll jump and how loud he'll scream. Man screams like a girl.

Seriously, I cannot get over how the hair person on set does his hair! It sticks out all over like a cartoon characters. Sometimes it looks like that spikes in the statue of liberty's crown.

Keep telling DH that one day when we get a video camera, we need to film a take off on the show with him as Zack. We'd be a Youtube hit.

AHA! Finally! Long day 'mong all, the vid is up!

Ok, that's enough blogg blah for one day. Let's post the puppy and see if it bites.

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